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Dixon Bowles

Asst. Creative Director, Competition Director, Asst. Studio Manager, Dance Instructor

Dixon Bowles is an Orlando based professional dance instructor and choreographer. Dixon developed his dance education at Utah Valley University and toured around the country with Disney Jr Live. Since then, he has been teaching and choreographing all levels of dance at studios, high schools, and back at Utah Valley University as an adjunct instructor. Since moving to Florida in 2016 he has expanded his work to include being creative director of a studio, judging dance and theatre competitions, as well as choreographing full musical productions.

Currently he is the competition director and choreographer for Celebration Arts Academy while also teaching technique and masterclasses around the Orlando area. He is also a Tour Director for Fly Dance Competition. Dixon’s passion and excitement for dance never fades and he is grateful to get to do what he loves every day.

Dixon Bowles
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