Here is the list of pricing for our classes.  For more information, please read below or contact us with your request.

Dance, Musical Theater, Group Voice/Technique, & Celebration Cirque:

Each class is $15.00.  Monthly Tuition is $60.00


Aerial Classes:

Each aerial class is $20.00.  Monthly Tuition is $80


Fitness Classes:

Candlelight Yoga can be purchased as a separate class at $50.00 per month or $15.00 per class drop in rate.


Private Lessons:
Private Lessons are available in all disciplines.  For Voice or Instruments, the cost is $40.00 per 30 minute lesson.  We offer private lessons in dance, aerial and acting...even fitness classes.  Please call 321-804-ARTS (2787) for availability and pricing.


*Tuition prices are ALL taxes added.


**We give a 10% discount for multiple students per household or multiple classes per student.  This will be reflected in your shopping cart during the enrollment process. Fitness/Private Lessons & Unlimited Classes are NOT subject to multi student/multi class discounts**

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