Option 2 Housing

Are you thinking of "Option 2"?  We are here to help!  We know how hard it was to have our children suddenly stop going to school and have to teach them at home.  How do we get any work done?

Well now there's a place to house your children that are learning by choosing Option 2!

Celebration Arts Academy is offering a way for you to have the ability to work and have your child at a safe facility, with less children, while learning virtually from their teachers.  We are limiting the amount of spots for children per grade so we can keep the chance of COVID-19 from spreading and also still monitor the children safely and effectively.


There will be tables set up with safe distancing for the children to do their online learning. There will be a limit of children allowed in the facility as well as in each room. This will be for Option 2 only. We are going to have a monitor in every room but the teacher for their grade will be teaching your child. There will be a lunch break and recess.


We are offering this as a way for those of you who will be working from home or going to your place of work, to be able to do so without worry for your children's schooling. We know that some of you may feel uncomfortable with the immediate return to our lovely CK8 or your current school of choice, so this is an alternative option. It will be a fun and enriching environment with a limit on who they come in contact with.


*Please remember that we will have instructors for facilitating Art, Music and PE.

The price is $300 a month for full days of safe alternative learning.




*The monitors are not going to be teaching your child. They are there as a way to have an adult present in every room, at all times. The monitor will ensure the safety of your child and also be there for any questions that your child may have. They will be there to keep the schedule organized and run things on time as well as organizing them for lunch and breaks etc....

You as a parent must keep track of your child's learning, assignments and grades. So for instance every evening log in and check that your child is up to speed on their assignments. We ARE however going to hire instructors to facilitate music, art and Physical Education.

There will be a minimum for enrollment in order for this to work as well as a maximum for health and safety.
You must enroll for the whole month, it is not a weekly or daily enrollment and once enrolled for that month it is a nonrefundable fee. If there are any behavioral issues you will be notified and we reserve the right to release the child from the program.

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