Fitness Classes

We encourage you to come and get fit, both in mind and body, with our fitness classes.

Candlelight Yoga

On Wednesday evenings we are happy to offer our mid-week Candlelight Yoga class. We have three yoga instructors that rotate from week to week to keep the class fresh.  All levels are welcome as each move can be modified from beginner to advanced.  This class is a $15.00 drop in or can be purchased for just $50.00 per month.

Mindfulness Meditation Tai Chi

Is your wandering/overthinking mind keeping you up at night?  This class will teach you how to quiet your chattering mind.  Through the ancient and proven techniques of Qigong (Chi Gong - breathing and stretching) we will help you to relieve back pain and improve balance and digestion.  There's even a lighter side to the class where you'll do Tai Chi to the like of James Brown!  This is an empowerment class.  You will learn that we are all Masters and Gurus.  Join belong!


Mindfulness Meditation Tai Chi Tuesday Noon - 1pm Drop In Rate:  $12.00
Candlelight Yoga Wednesday 7:30 - 8:30pm Drop In Rate:  $15.00
Mindfulness Meditation Tai Chi Thursday Noon - 1pm Drop In Rate:  $12.00
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